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How To Help Your Child Concentrate On Homework: Practical Advice From An Expert

Doing homework isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially when there are more pressing activities do to like watching television and hanging out with friends. What can a parent do to ensure that their child focuses on the task at hand and does the homework that needs to be completed? Here is some advice on how to help your child concentrate when it comes to doing their homework.

Make sure there aren’t any distractions:

Cell phones, television, the internet -- these are things that can distract your child from doing their work and then altogether throwing it out. Make sure that when it comes time to do their work that the televisions are off, the cell phones are put away, and they don’t have access to the internet. This helps them focus on the work and not constantly looking at something else.

Have a designated homework time:

Having a solid game plan on when schoolwork needs to be done is better than letting them complete it when they feel like it. From the beginning, let your child know that at 5 p.m. is when they must sit down and do their assignment or there will be consequences to their actions.

Be present:

Don’t just leave your child alone in their room to do work. Instead, set them at the kitchen table while you cook dinner. This not only helps because it shows you care and are active in what they do, but also if they have questions or difficulties, you’re right there to help them out, making it easier for them to complete the assignment.

Give rewards:

If your child has an extremely difficult time concentrating and doing a project, make it a rewarding task. Tell them they can have an extra hour of television, more play time, or a toy they want and see if that changed them at all and gets their head in the game. Nine times out of ten they will be so excited for their reward that doing homework will be simple and easy for them to do.

Talk to them:

Sit down with your child and just flat out ask them what’s going on. There may be a bigger underlying issue to why the homework isn’t getting done and asking one simple question may really solve the problem. It can be something simple like that they are tired to something more pressing like they don’t understand the subject. Either way, you can be there to help.