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Is Less Homework Good Or Bad: Professional Point Of View

There are many factors that determine student performance irrespective of subject and level of study. One of them is homework given by tutors, and of course how the material is revised and studied. The million dollar question most people ask is; should you give less or more? There are two angles to this particular question but most professionals always prefer less. The fact is that with if you overload students with a lot of assignments; little will be achieved in regard to academic prowess.

Top benefits of less

There are several benefits associated with less, of which both parents and tutors must know in order to help students improve on their performance. To begin with, less homework gives students opportunity to practice skills as well as reinforce information. If too much is given, then definitely the learning process is interfered with. The younger students need time to focus on work so that they can understand what they are learning. It's because of less work that specific goals can be achieved over a period of time.

Ability to monitor progress

It is equally important to understand that with less work parents are able to monitor progress of students. Importantly, new topics can be introduced in such a way that the student is able to understand what is taught. The curriculum can always be taught and completed in good time with less assignment, rather than too much work that will make students rush and fail to meet the objective. The unique brain structures of young students do not really allow for too much strain, and so less is good for them.

It has been proven that less work will always improve the memory and enhance reasoning capabilities of students. In fact, it becomes much easier for you to improve study skills, help student learn independently, as well as explore subjects based on his or her understanding. This is the best way to help students learn more on important resources they can use. For instance, with less assignment students are able to learn more on how to use libraries and understand the basics of research.

Important note

Homework is an integral part of learning process that students must understand at a tender age. It is also a technique that helps spark enthusiasm in a child’s academic life and also form a solid foundation for success. However, if you give too much it can have a negative effect on students.