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Dealing With 7th Grade Science Homework Effectively

Whether it is science or math, there is a world of difference between doing your homework adequately and doing it effectively. It can also impact significantly on your grade. So, unless you are happy to just plod along and let circumstances control you, then is time to step out of your comfort zone and up to the plate. Simply putting in place these strategies should make a significant difference not just to your overall performance but ultimately to how you are perceived. Time to start experimenting with strategies!

Take time out to think

It is all very well and good just whizzing through your homework. However by simply paying lip-service to the fact that are obliged to complete it won’t get you very far. Teachers are incredibly skilled at identifying those students that are just coasting and those that have gone the extra mile.

Thinking makes sense on so many different levels. Not only are you likely to get the correct answer, most importantly you are likely to reach the intelligent answer.

Timing is critical

Everyone has an optimum time for home study. Some might still be in the zone as soon as they get home from class and be happy to complete any outstanding assignments then. Others need time out to relax. You won’t do yourself any favors by attempting to force yourself to work when you are tired. So make sure that your parents or care-givers understand this and help them understand that rather than trying to duck out of your tasks you are actually being responsible in your attitude.

Nothing is insurmountable

It might seem as if your teacher expects you to climb Mount Everest and Mount Killmanjaro and both at the same time! However, I am sure that is not the case. Most homework assignments are tied in with whatever you have been studying in class. Try and break it down and be sure to ask if you have any concerns. Breaking large projects into small bite-sized chunks can make everything seem do-able.

Be creative

Okay, so science is generally regarded as a “technical” subject. However, that doesn’t stop you from being creative and having fun with it. Scientists often push the boundaries of knowledge by experimenting. Set your imagination free on even the most repetitive and mundane of assignments and you will find ways of making the whole process more effective.