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Best Advice On How To Keep Your Homework Organized In College

When you are in college you will be faced with a great deal of homework. For many students this can be overwhelming because you may previously have never experienced this amount of workload. The transition from high school to college is a very special one. What many students fail to recognize is that the amount of time they spend in class is significantly reduced once they reach college. But the reason for this is that the amount of homework provided is significantly increased. Students will be given approximately the same amount of homework as they would have completed during a full day in class. This means that students might only have one or two hours of class but they will still have eight hours of homework to complete.

  • When you are in college one of the best things you can do to keep your homework organized is to use rudimentary organizational tricks which can be applied to any grade. Time management and organization go hand in hand. Your time will be better managed if you stay organized. One of the best ways to stay organized is to color coordinate information. Use highlighters or colored notecards, Post-it's, or folders so that you can a lot one color to each class you have to take. This is highly beneficial because it allows you to instantaneously locate information relevant to a particular class. For example: if you Assign blue to your statistics class, and you are searching for a piece of paper on which you took your class notes last week, you can start by looking in your blue folder, and looking through your random stack of papers on the desk for anything that is marked in blue pen. When you take notes you can use a blue highlighter so that when you open a book or look at a photocopied journal article you can see the immediate blue highlighting color and know that that belongs in your statistics section. This makes it very easy for you to not only locate necessary information but you also visually identify what tasks are due each week.
  • When you have homework you want to keep it organized in the form of a calendar. You should have a large monthly calendar in addition to a smaller calendar that shows days and weeks. On all three calendars you want to copy due dates for things such as regular weekly homework and exams. In doing this you can write out the assignment in the appropriate color. So any statistics homework should be written out in blue pen. This is very beneficial because when you look up at your calendar you will immediately see what statistics homework you have by recognizing the blue color. All of this will help you to stay organized.