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Dealing with Chemistry Homework: Effective Guidelines for 6th Graders

Chemistry is not the best subject for all 6th graders. Some find it too abstract to be understood. This makes the homework session a huge challenge for them. Educationists have been studying this phenomenon with the aim of providing workable solutions to the students, their parents, guardians and teachers. The guidelines will make the assignment easy to complete.

Use the Same Book or Materials As The Teacher

The danger of using different academic materials and books lies in the possibility of confusion. A different book may have approached the same concept from a different perspective. This is likely to cause more confusion to the student which eventually affects his performance in class. In case you need to use a different text book or resource materials, ensure that the 6th grader already understands the concept and can transfer or apply it in another setting.

Consult a Professional

In case you need to use the services of a chemistry homework assistant, ensure that he is a trained professional. It is dangerous to pick an assistant online and hand them over to the 6th grader. Some of them do not understand the concepts and will eventually mislead or confuse the child. There are ways of identifying professionals online.

  • Check their profile- a chemistry homework assistant who is confident about his skills will indicate his qualification on his profile. Consider experience as well before hiring or consulting such a professional.
  • Get a referral- ask among colleagues and friends for a good assistant. Referrals are better because their services are already tested.
  • Contact your old assistant- if you enjoyed the services of an assistant in the past and were satisfied, refer to the same if he is available.

The Best Environment

Like every other academic endeavor, chemistry homework requires an incredible level of concentration. Provide a conducive environment as your 6th grader is tackling the assignment. It should be quiet and facilitated with necessary resources including books and research materials. The work should be completed at the right time when there are no disruptions or hurry to engage in other activities.

Discuss With Classmates

Encourage the 6th grader to complete the chemistry homework while still at school. This gives him the opportunity to discuss with fellow classmates and consult the teacher in case there are difficult areas. The mind is still in learning mode and the environment is supportive. There are classmates and colleagues who understand concepts faster and are willing to assist. The work can be completed over breaks or during free lessons.