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Self-Organization Tips For Dealing With Math Homework

This subject, more than any other academic subject, requires a lot of assignments for reinforcement. The way to success in algebra, geometry, or statistics is to do the problems over and over. The mastery will come with the repetition. Why this idea can be easy to understand, it still makes the job tough when you have much work in your other classes, as well. There are some great hints and suggestions for handling this load.

Self-Organization Tips for Dealing with Math Homework

  • Use the folder system-keep a different colored folder for each subject. This folder would be in addition to the class notebook. In the folder you will put the work to be done in the right pocket and the work finished in the elf pocket. The folder stays with the notebook, which then stays in the backpack. Nothing is more frustrating than doing the homework, but leaving it at home.
  • The night before a school day-put all of the items that are going to school in a special place. If you have a chair beside the front door, that is the best place. The bag is packed carefully the night before and placed in the chair before you go to bed.
  • School planners-go to the bookstore and purchase a school planner that is attractive t you. It needs to have enough space for you to write the work for each subject. This is better than a phone planner, as you can write on it in class and look at the week with a glance. The planner goes back in the backpack the night before school.
  • Have a desk calendar-at your work area, have a large desk calendar. The items from the planner can be moved to this calendar. It will be staring at you as you work, that way you will not forget what you need to do for class.
  • Tools-sometimes math requires extra tools. Make sure you have the right calculator, the graphing tools, the graph paper, and the protractor if needed. You cannot do a very good job without the right tools.
  • In class-take notes, listen to the instructor, copy down all the sample problems and solutions, and always ask questions. If you are absent, make sure you get the work missed from your study buddy. Keeping up and paying attention in class will make a world of difference to your success with nightly assignments.