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Tips On How To Find Motivation To Do Homework In College

If you don’t like doing your assignments at school, you are not the only one. Many students hate their take-home work, because there are so many other things you’d rather be doing! Usually, the problem is not an unwillingness to do the work, but lacking the motivation and getting over your procrastination. Except for big midterm projects and such, daily work should not take that much of your time, and then you can still watch the next episode of your favorite show on TV! Even in college and university, where you are at school of your own choice and usually on your own dime, school work can be hard and undesirable to do.

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These tips will help you to focus and beat your procrastination. It’s tough sometimes, to be motivated, and sometimes you just have to force yourself to start. Starting is often the hardest part and once you are already working, it’s easy to do a little more.

  • Do the hardest questions first, or the projects you are most dreading, to get them out of the way and a weight off your shoulders.
  • If you have a spare period between classes, do as much work as you can during that time. It’s much easier to focus while at the college rather than at home, and you can look forward to a work-free evening!
  • Go one step at a time. It’s not that hard to sit down, open your textbook, and read the first question, right? If you only do that, it seems easy, and then after you’ve read the question, you might as well answer it, and then the next question and the next. But don’t think about that at the start: just tell yourself you only have to read the first one.
  • Set a reward for yourself. This can be a bowl of jelly beans, and you get to eat one with each problem you solve, or planning an outing with friends after you finish the project.
  • Work smarter instead of harder. You’ve likely heard that before, but here’s what it means for you: take breaks! Even five minutes in between projects or studying to walk around, drink some water or eat something healthy, will make a huge positive difference.
  • Make things easier for yourself. Pick a location with little distractions that you can focus in, and then you won’t even be tempted to procrastinate.